Training Reviews

I’m the Service Manager at Imperial Ice and Refrigeration. Located in Huntington Beach California since 1972. We have 8 service technicians. We needed to get up to speed with OSHA and the newer workplace safety practices. Our goal is to keep our technicians healthy for a long career. While reducing workmen’s comp injuries and time off. We were looking for something hybrid not the typical off the shelf OSHA classes available to everyone.

After interviewing several different safety companies. We found Thor Safety. Art put together the hybrid we were looking for. It’s based on OSHA30. The 30-hour online training course. Art put together some additional training during different phases of the course. Let me give you an example. Our technicians did real life injury investigations on “accidents” he set up around our shop and office areas. Making sketches of the area. Taking measurements. Figuring out what caused the accident and what changes need to be made to prevent it from reoccurring in the future. Important things they just learned about. Every technician passed with high scores.

After OSHA30. Art has most of our technicians through OSHA approved Fall Protection Training. That will resume after the summer.

Art will go to jobsites when a technician fills out our Hazardous Condition form. He returns with suggestions on what is needed to do the job safely.

We asked what tools we should have in our inventory. On his recommendation. We purchased some fall protection.

We’ve seen a positive change in our technician’s attitude. Since our investment in a safety program.

Thor Safety and Art have become valued members of our team. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

J.D. Whetstone

Service Manager, Imperial Ice & Refrigeration

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to recommend Art Marquez from Thor Safety. As our company recognized the need to intensify our Safety training, we reached out to Art to help us navigate through the process of obtaining OSHA-30 certificates for our technicians.

Art has successfully completed OSHA-30 training with 47 technicians to date. Art’s attitude is not just to pass a test but to instill a sense of cultural change within the Company to ensure we promote safety from Management down.

Art’s dedication to his craft impressed us enough to enlist Art as our ongoing Safety consultant. He currently is helping with the reorganization of our Safety committee and action teams and the identification of Safety equipment and procurement of same.

Art is a hands on individual, honest, knowledgeable and dependable. Art has been to several job sites to help educate our technicians to put into actual practice what they have learned in the classroom. He is able to inject humor when necessary, pertinent stories and fact based occurrences to keep our technicians engaged and focused.

It is my belief that Thor Safety can make an actual difference in the cultural changes necessary within your organization to ensure your employees return home safe to their families every single day.

Please feel free to contact me if you need additional information.

Bruce Coleman

Director of HVAC & Refrigeration, Aire Rite